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Sports Schedules

Game Days

In an effort to give LBJ students an option to remain monitored and safe after school and still be allowed to attend the games, we are offering an Afterschool Game Day Study Hall & Open Gym from 4:20 PM- 5:20 PM on game days. We will be selling snacks and giving students time to begin homework and engage in activities before being escorted into the Volleyball Game. Students who participate in the afterschool Game Day Activities will be given a stamp that allows them into the game. 

Students also have the option to leave school and return back with their parent/guardian. Parents/guardians are asked to simply walk the student to the door of the gym so we know they have your permission to be there. Of course parents/guardians are welcome to stay, but you do not have to. 


In short, there are two ways students can attend the game:

  1. By participating in the Afterschool Game Day Study Hall & Open Gym from 4:20 PM - 5:20 PM.  Students must sign in by 4:20PM. 
  2. Leave school and return back with a parent/guardian. Parents/Guardian must walk their student to the gym door & drop them off or join them. 

Students will be expected to remain inside the gym during the game. They may only leave when being picked up. The first game begins at 5:30PM and the second at 6:30 PM.  

Athletic Requirements

General Requirements for LBJ Sports

You must have your APS physical form filled out and signed by your doctor to be able to participate in tryouts. Print out the form from the link below and take it to your appointment with you. Many primary care physicians, urgent care locations, and mini-clinics offer shorter athletic physicals to complete the physical and physical forms for you. Physicals are good for one year and can be used for multiple sports.

APS Medical Examination Forms

Required Paperwork for Tryouts

The following forms MUST be completed and turned in for a student to be allowed to participate in tryouts. Please make sure that ALL required forms are included and signed on the appropriate lines. They cannot be turned in after tryouts; no exceptions.

Medical Examination Form

All forms found at this link are required. They include:

  1. Emergency Information Form
  2. Medical History Form
  3. Physical Examination Form
  4. Consent to Treat Form
  5. NMAA Concussion in Sports Form

Concussion For Students Course Certificate

Concussion for Students Course:

  1. Concussion For Students website
  2. Choose “New Mexico” on the “Select Your State” pulldown menu and click “Order Course”
  3. Click on “Register” to create an account (use student’s name when registering - this is the name that will print on the certificate)
  4. Click “Checkout” to complete your order (the course is free)
  5. Complete the course and print the completion certificate and bring to tryouts

This course must be completed annually.

APS Athletic And Activity Code Of Conduct

Print and fill out the Athletic and Activity Code of Conduct Acknowledgement form

APS Athletic Code of Conduct

Grade Check

  • LBJ has decided to adopt the NMAA policy when it comes to grades and athletics. Student athletes must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or higher and may not have an F in any class in order to be part of the team.

  • Check with your coach to find out which grading period to print out and submit or if you need a grade check signed by your teachers.

  • Once a player is on the team, they will be required to keep their grades up and will not be allowed to practice or participate in matches if they have and F in any class or less than a 2.0 GPA. If a student is not able to raise their grades after a two-week period of time, they will be removed from the team.