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Ms. Anderson
(Coach Andy)
LBJ Athletic Director


Physical Exam for Participation

  • Physical Exams are required for a child to participate in athletics. 

  • Physical Exam forms must be turned in BEFORE a child can participate (this includes tryouts). 

  • Take the Physical Exam form with you to your primary health care provider for a physical. 

  • Physicals are good for one year and can be used for multiple sports.

GIRLS Volleyball

LBJ Volleyball picture



In preparation for middle school volleyball for the FALL 2021, the following requirements are still in place.

Required Paperwork for Tryouts:

The following forms MUST be completed and turned in for a student to be allowed to participate in tryouts.  Please make sure that ALL required forms are included and signed on the appropriate lines.  They cannot be turned in after tryouts; no exceptions.



APS Medical Examination Forms – completed and signed by your doctor

All forms found at this link are required if you choose this option.  They include:

  1. Emergency Information Form

  2. Medical History Form

  3. Physical Examination Form

  4. Consent to Treat Form

  5. NMAA Concussion in Sports Form


  • As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following form may be used to waive the annual    preparticipation examination requirement for returning student-athletes

  • May be utilized by returning student-athletes who received sports physical on or after April 1, 2019 (include a copy of this sports physical along with the waiver)

  • This form will only be accepted for the 2020-2021 school year

NMAA 2020-2021 Preparticipation Examination Waiver Form

All forms found at this link are required if you choose this option.  They include:

  1. NMAA 2020-2021 Preparticipation Examination Waiver Form

  2. Consent to Treat Form

  3. NMAA Concussion in Sports Form

**IMPORTANT NOTE - If you tried out or played for an LBJ sports team last year, we should still have your physical on file.  Please email Coach Newton ( with your name as soon as possible so that we can locate it.



Concussion for Students Course:

STEP 1 - Concussion For Students website
STEP 2 - Choose “New Mexico” on the “Select Your State” pulldown menu and click “Order Course”
STEP 3 - Click on “Register” to create an account
STEP 4 - Click “Checkout” to complete your order (the course is free)
STEP 5 - Complete the course and print the completion certificate and bring to tryouts

This course must be completed annually.

Email Coach Newton ( your certificate if you do not have access to a printer and need her to print it for you.



  • Grades will be checked at tryouts and throughout the season.  Students must be participating in their classes and cannot have a D or an F in any class.  If a student has a D or an F in any class, they cannot try out.

  • Please be advised that an announcement will be made prior to tryouts regarding which grading period will be used for the initial grade check to be able to try out.  This decision will be based on when the season will eventually begin.  For example, we may be checking your report card for your 2nd quarter grades.

  • Once a player is on the team, they will be required to keep their grades up and will not be allowed to practice or participate in matches if they have a D or an F in any class.  If a student is not able to raise their grades after a two-week period of time, they will be removed from the team.


>>> Please contact Coach Newton ( with any questions