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Coyote Counseling Team

Karla Gonzales - Counselor

8th Grade (all students) & 7th Grade (N-Z)
(505-898-1492 ext. 40505)


Angelique Patalan - Counselor

6th Grade (all students) & 7th Grade (A-M) 
(505-898-1492 ext. 40504)

Coyote Counseling Team

Our goal to implement a comprehensive school counseling program is an ongoing journey, which just keeps improving every year. Goal setting, decision-making, and appropriate social transitions are how we facilitate positive development with our emerging young adults. Our main role is to advocate and collaborate with all stakeholders involved to ensure the best interest of the students.

Some of the services provided by our team:

  • Conflict-mediation
  • Attendance Groups
  • Study Skills Groups
  • Health & Wellness Meetings
  • Registration and Scheduling
  • Presentations: Bullying, Tolerance/Awareness, GLBTQ, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Depression and Suicide
  • College and Career Readiness Skill Building
  • High School Preparedness
  • College/Career Coaching Sessions for goal setting
Normal Conflict vs. Bullying
Equal power Imbalance of power
Happens occasionally Repeated negative actions
Accidental Purposeful
Not serious

Serious - threat of physical harm
or emotional or psychological hurt

Equal emotional reaction

Strong emotional reaction on part
of the target

Not seeking power or attention Seeking power and control
Not trying to get something Trying to gain material things or
Remorse - takes responsibility No remorse - blames target
Effort to solve the problem No effort to solve the problem


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