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Coyote Safety Patrol Coordinator (vacant)

Coyote Patrol

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Coyote Safety Patrols are concerned parents that can volunteer any of their free time at our school.  During the day, you help campus security by watching the school grounds, entrances and hallways, assist with traffic flow and help prevent parking violations.  LBJ also needs help in maintaining order and safety of the students during their lunch periods.

Coyote Safety Patrol Volunteer Program

Rules and Regulations

  • A volunteer is not allowed to use any of the student’s restrooms.
  • A volunteer is not allowed to be alone in a private area with an individual student at any given time.
  • A volunteer shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This will automatically dismiss you as a volunteer.
  • A volunteer should always exhibit behavior that is respectful and helpful to the public.

Volunteer Procedures

  • Please check in at the front desk before your Safety Patrol duty.
  • Be sure to wear your badge and vest during duty.
  • Notify the campus security and/or designated administrator of your volunteering position within the school grounds.

When Can You Start?

First, notify the LBJ Safety coordinator or designated administrator of your interest as a volunteer in this program. You must go through the APS Volunteer Screening Process by completing a signed volunteer confidentiality form that will be given to you by the designated administrator of the school.

The Volunteer Application is now online. Please visit to complete the application. 

Once your background check has been approved, please contact the Safety director to schedule a brief orientation of your duties.

We will be sending out via e-mail any special events, meetings, and any other important information during the school year. Please include an email address on your volunteer form.