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Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Student Devices

Student technology devices and AC power adaptors will be inspected and/or collected at the end of each school year. If a student transfers out of APS during the school year, the device will be collected at that time. Whenever feasible, students will retain the same device each year while enrolled at APS until the device is replaced as part of the regular multi-year replacement cycle.

Failure to turn in your assigned device may result in the student being charged a replacement cost.

If a device and/or AC power adaptor has been defaced or damaged beyond the normal wear, the student or family may be charged a fee for repairs or replacements. Technology shall maintain a list of current fees and charges. This list will be available on the APS website, and schools will make the charges available to families. Families may also be charged for replacements if devices are lost or stolen.

Damage may occur accidentally, and theft is possible even under a watchful eye. Students should notify the administration as soon as possible of damage or loss so an investigation may take place. If a student device is not returned at the required time periods, the administration will work with parents/guardians to ensure this equipment is returned in a timely manner. Devices are equipped with theft-recovery capabilities. In addition, they are only to be used by authorized users. 


Have your child report the damaged, lost, or stolen device to their teacher. Students will be directed to the technology staff to assist them further. Please note that students may be charged for lost or damaged devices. A police report may need to be filed and a case number assigned before an additional device may be distributed.