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Health Office Contact Information

A full time registered nurse and health assistant provide onsite student health services during school hours. 

Health office:  898-1492 x 40541

Nurse Nancy Hoover RN BSN NCSN 898-1492 x 40542 (Confidential voice mail)


Please notify the nurse of any health concerns, change in health status, and ANY medication that your student is currently taking. Please ensure that the health office has current phone numbers to reach the  student's guardian and current immunization records are on file.  Students will always call guardians to notify them of a health office visit even if the visit is minor in nature.  The health office provides a wide variety of health services from emergency care to snacks for a hungry child.

The goal of the health office is to promote optimum student health in support of your child's education.


  • MEDICATIONS: Students are not allowed to carry medications on campus without written approval in the health office. 
  • EMERGENCY MEDICATIONS: Students with asthma or food allergies should carry their rescue inhaler and/or epipen on their person at all times. A backup inhaler and/or epipen is recommended for the nurse's office. 
  • IMPORTANT HEALTH OFFICE MEDICATION PROCEDURES:  NO MEDICATION OR SUPPLIES CAN BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A VALID ORDER SIGNED BY THE MEDICAL PROVIDER AND THE PARENT.  Many medical providers are no longer accepting fax requests regarding orders to provide nursing care for your student.  It is critical that you obtain these orders signed by the provider and parent, PRIOR to the beginning of the school year.  All current health forms can be obtained from the health office or at  Please bring any medications, supplies, or emergency medications with completed order forms at registration or the first day of school.
  • ATTENDANCE:  Regular attendance in school is critical for your student's success.  Adjustment to middle school can be difficult and your student may complain of frequent stomach aches or headaches.  The health office can assist you with rest periods, snacks, emotional support, over the counter medications and other accommodations as discussed between the nurse and parent to assist your child in attending school.  If an illness is causing frequent school absence, please contact the nurse for assistance.
  • SICK DAY GUIDELINES: A child with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher should not attend school.  Your child can return to school when they have been without fever for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication.  Always call the attendance line if your child is absent.