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LBJ Mission

The parents, teachers and members of the LBJ community will be actively involved in providing student learning experiences to develop and enhance academic and employability skills. Our collaboration will assist students in reaching their full potential as participating members of society.

Our School

Welcome to LBJ!

Tips for a Successful School Year

  1. Monitor your student’s reading time – 30 minutes every night.  LBJ Middle School believes all children can achieve more when they have good reading skills.  Therefore, we have adopted the Accelerated Reading Program.  Take time to discuss your students reading material … your interest will inspire their success.
  2. Your student will be given an LBJ Student Agenda during the first week of school.  This Agenda is used as a critical communication tool between teacher and parent.  Students MUST have their Agenda at all times.  If the Agenda is lost, replacement is available for $6.00.
  3. Your student will be given an LBJ picture identification card.  Students MUST have their ID card for book check out, bus transportation, etc.  If the ID card is lost, replacement is available for $5.00.
  4. Please take a few minutes to review the handbook that is part of the LBJ Student Agenda to develop a common understanding of the discipline policy and the dress code at LBJ.
  5. Please monitor your student’s dress to conform to the LBJ Dress Code.
  6. Please note that LBJ will not be responsible for lost, stolen, and/or confiscated cell phones and/or electronic devices.  Cell phones/electronic devices must not be visible or used during school hours including lunch time.
  7. Please note that student messages, lunches, homework, etc. will be delivered twice a day only – before second period (9:21 am) and before sixth period (2:05 pm).  LBJ will not accept deliveries of flowers, candy, balloons, etc. for students.
  8. Parent/Guardian PICTURE ID must be presented before picking up any student and you must be listed as an authorized person on the particular student’s information.

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