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If Your Child Is Sick, Please Keep Them Home!

Access your child's shot records with the link below:

Medication At School

  • Over the counter medications: Students are NOT allowed to self carry over the counter medications on campus without written approval in the health office.
  • EMERGENCY MEDICATIONS: Students with asthma or food allergies are allowed to self carry their rescue inhaler and/or Epi-pen on their person at all times. A backup inhaler and/or Epi-pen is recommended for the nurse's office and signed documentation from their providers is required each school year.

Informational Websites

Contact Information

Bethany Rindernecht

Phone: (505)-898-1492 x 40542

Andi Andrews
health Assistant

Phone: (505)-898-1492 x 40541

6th grade students will need their Tdap and Meningitis vaccines in order to register for 7th grade. Check CVS and Walgreens or schedule a nurse visit at your child's PCP to get this over the summer.


Health Conditions