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Reading! MackinVia (eBooks)
Posted 5/20/19

Find an ebook you are interested in reading during the summer!

Go to the "Library" tab for more details.

1. On your device, go to the app store and download the free MackinVia reader app. 2. Open the app and type in your school 

(L B Johnson Middle School, ALBUQUERQUE, NM), your user ID and password (your user ID and pw are the same that you use to log onto the computers at school). Click the Log In button. 3. When you find an ebook you are interested in, you may check it out by clicking the checkout button. This puts the book into your account (green circle in upper right hand corner). 4. To download a checked out book, click the green circle, and then click on your checkouts. Download your book to your device. 5. You may check out two ebooks at a time for two weeks. You may renew an ebook one time. 6. Please return ebooks as soon as you are done, so others can check them out too.


HINT: you must type the school name exactly as shown above, including the spaces between the L and the B. After you have typed a few letters, you will see our school name pop up and you can select it.