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Virtual Open House - August 24, 2021

Open House Recordings (from 8/24/2021)


CORE TEAMS will record their Open House and post the recordings here. Please give us a day or so after Open House to get the recording uploaded.


6th Grade Open House (recording) - Nix, Jaecks, Buffington, Gagliano Team; including Archibeck, Beach-Warfield, Callaway, Dickey, and Sears.

6th Grade Open House (recording) - Rothfuss, Herrera, Aulick, Sweet Team


7th Grade Open House (recording) - Greenberg, Sahu, Deutsch, Daniel, Callaway, Deutch, Dickey, Terrazas, Viers, Apodaca, Aulick, Carpenter, Carvin, Horgan, McAlister, Sears, Serrano, Sparks, Trujillo.


8th Grade Open House (recording) -  All 8th Grade Teachers.

Meet LBJ Admin - Open House 8/24.
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Elective Open House Recordings



Band- Open House 2021.mp4


Home Economics



Technology -

    6th Grade

    7th Grade

8th Grade Technology information is in the 8th Grade Open House (recording).