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Math Links

This page gives students various links for Math practice & Math videos.  Students, please make sure you have your parent's permission to be on the internet.

CMP 3 Textbook Avaiable Online

Great News!  No more carrying that heavy textbook back and forth from school! Students can now access the textbook online!  Link to the attached site, follow the Pearson site. Log-on with your student ID followed by


Log-in : (Student

Password: 12345678(this is your student ID again)

APS Mathematics (Textbook link), once there click on PEARSON Access CMP3 now.

Math Skills

Great website to practice the skills we are working on in CMP3. When you go to the site, choose the book CMP3 6-8. You may choose practice activities by selecting the Chapter your class is on.

Interact Math

Common Core Math Games for 7th Grade