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Fall Orchestra Concert by Suzie Nguyen-LBJ Newspaper Reporter 
(Photo by Isaac Delgado)                                                                                     The orchestra, composed of the teacher—Ms. Karen Schindwolf —and numerous talented violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists, held their first concert of the 2018-2019 school year on October 17th at 7:00 p.m.     The orchestra consists of three subgroups: the beginning orchestra, the intermediate orchestra, and the advanced orchestra. Concerts are a great way for each subgroup to perform and demonstrate their immense talent through pieces appropriate to their skill level. Not only does the audience have fun listening to the various pieces, but it provides great joy for Ms. Schindwolf and the players as well. The following are questions asked of LBJ orchestra members. Here are their responses:     April A.—intermediate cello playerQ: What is your favorite piece and why?A: My favorite piece is “Sea Serpents” because the cellists get the melody and I love the deep sound.     Samantha R.—intermediate viola playerQ: What is your favorite piece and why?A: My favorite piece is “The Troll” because it’s not too hard and it has a nice melody.     Anonymous— orchestra memberQ: Are you ever nervous for concerts?A: Yes, I worry about every little thing, that’s why I cry if I make mistakes at concerts.     Michaela T. - advanced violin playerQ: To you, what is the most difficult piece and why?A: The most difficult piece has to be “Popcorn Pizzicato” because I find it hard to stay in tempo with the rest of the orchestra.
Joining Band or Orchestra by Samantha Rodriguez-LBJ Newspaper Reporter
(Photo by Isaac Delgado)                                                                                   Have you ever considered joining orchestra or band? It is a really rewarding experience to join. You can even make a career out of it. All it takes is practice —sometimes more than you think. Here at LBJ the music electives such as orchestra and band make a two-hour long road trip to Jemez Springs for their annual trip to the “Hummingbird Music Camp”. The camp was founded in 1959 by Kenneth Lloyd and Wanda Higgins. Kenneth Lloyd Higgins was an Albuquerque Public School educator for 38 years! Unfortunately, Wanda Higgins died at 97 years old. Their children King Higgins, Les Higgins, and Sally Chapman still run the camp today.     Intermediate and advanced band and orchestra go on the field trip and stay overnight. They practice at the camp of course. They also take a moonlight walk to the waterfall, and it is an amazing sight to see. Cavity Cave is paid for when you go to the camp. Cavity Cave is candy and soda store, and you get one visit on Thursday and Friday. You choose one candy bar and one soda. Some people say that the camp is haunted, and it is super dark at lights out. Before you go to bed, they tell you a scary story. The vent makes an odd sound which makes it sound like there is a ghost in the room, but you never know if it actually could be haunted. Hummingbird is one reason you should join band or orchestra, but there are so many more reasons you should.     Overall, it’s an amazing experience to play any instrument.